No Feeding = No Breeding!

Stop Bed Bugs from even reaching their host by establishing a simple bed bug cover barrier between the mattress and the person. When they don't feed, they can't breed. Simple & Effective!

Step 1

Place the Bed Protector bed bug sheet over your mattress and boxspring.

Step 2

Place your regular bed sheets over the Bed Bug Protector and make your bed.

Step 3

Sleep tight. Bed bugs won't be able to penetrate the barrier and will starve working to find a host!

The Pest Assure bed bug mattress protector is the best decision I ever made. -Terry, New York

The Pest Assure Bed Bug Mattress Protector is an effective bed bug trap that stops current bed bug problems and prevents future infestations.

Quick Install

It’s Super Easy to Use the Bed Bug Mattress Protector.


Protects your bed and home from getting a bed bug infestation. Proven bed bugs prevention!


Stops the feeding and breeding cycle of a current bed bug infestation, leaving your bed bedbug proof!

Sleep Well

The comfortable bed bug cover is soft and lets you sleep well at night again.

3 Big Reasons to Use the Bed Protector

Top Feedback Given by Pest Assure Customers


Bed Bug Prevention

You know what your parents used to say. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same is true about bed bug prevention. The Bed Protector prevents a bed bug infestation from taking hold after unknowingly bringing bed bugs home from a trip.

The Bed Bug Cover Eliminates Current Infestations

Use the Bed Protector bed bug cover to eliminate a current infestation. It blocks the bed bug from reaching its host, and effectively covers the bed bug and cuts off its food supply. No feeding, no breeding; and the bed bug life cycle stops before it can grow.

Can Use The Bed Bug Mattress Protector with Professional Bed Bug Remedies

Bed Bug Control now includes a real prevention bed bug sheet that will help you to ensure the effectiveness of a professional bed bug treatment.

Residential and Commercial Bed Bug Prevention Uses

The bed bug mattress protector that prevents bed bugs at home, in hotels, college housing and more! The last bed bugs remedy you will ever need!


A Few of Our Happy Customers

This thing really works! We use the Bed Protector in all our hotel rooms at each of our 3 locations. So far, the bed bug mattress protector has kept us bed bug free.

John ReadeGuest Relations

Since providing the Bed Protector to each of our customers after a thorough bed bug treatment, we have almost completely eliminated our call backs for re-treatment. Because of our guarantee, this saves us a lot of time, hassle and money and leaves our customers happy and confident. Great product!

ElizabethPest Detectors, Inc.

The Bed Protector gives us confidence that we can prevent bed bugs from infesting our rooms. We still employ professional bed bug inspection services to make sure, but the Protector bed bug trap helps us prevent an infestation from growing right under our noses.

Jay W.Hotel Management

I travel a lot for business. I know that bed bug removal can cost thousands. That’s why I use the Bed Protector. Its not your typical bed bug mattress encasement. Its more of a bed bug sheet that covers your bed and box-spring. I just want to make sure that if I do somehow bring bed bugs home, my bed will be able to defend itself against the risk of infestation.

Ron GreeneCalifornia Homeowner

This bed bug cover works. Bottom line. That’s why we offer it to all our customers in our bed bug division. It doesn’t replace the need for inspection and control services. It’s actually one of the tools we use to ensure total control of the problem.

BrendaPest Control Customer Service Rep.

Admittedly I was skeptical at first. A lot of bed bug traps and bed bug sheet products claim to prevent bed bug infestations but always fell short. This one actually does what it claims to do. It stops the bed bug from feeding on a host, and once this is accomplished, the rest is history for the potential infestation.

William S.Health & Environmental Consultant

We have the Bed Protector bed bug mattress protector placed on each of our four beds in our home. I have never had a bed bug problem but I do know that the problem is spreading and infestations can happen to anyone. Its well worth the investment.

DonCondo Owner

Business travel requires staying in a different bed almost every week. Even the best hotels can have a bed bug problem before the hotel management or bed bug prevention staff even knows. I use the Bed Protector at home just in case one of these little creatures hitches a ride back home in my luggage.

ChristinaBusiness Traveler


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Estimated Bed Bug Infestations Prevented

Bed Bug Protector – Bed Bug Prevention Benefits

An innovative bed bug trap that serves as an effective bed bug remedy! It just makes sense!

Bed Bug Prevention

The Bed Protector is a bed bug trap the prevents the possibility of getting an infestation in your home.

Simple to Use

The Bed Protector is really easy to use. Just place the Bed Bug Cover over your mattress. Then apply your bed sheet above the Bed Protector just as you normally do. Then sleep tight!


Eliminate a current growing infestation by breaking the feeding and reproduction cycle of the bed bugs. This is easily accomplished by Pest Assure’s unique bed bug sheet which covers the mattress and box-spring, creating a barrier between you, and the bugs.

Proven Design

The Bed Protector bed bug mattress protector is designed with patent pending technology that is proven in laboratory and field settings. Also customers’ feedback shows a high level of satisfaction with the product.


They low cost of the Bed Protector can in turn save thousands for the homeowner, hotel manager or pest service operator. An effective bed bug mattress protector can reduce the need for additional bed bug removal treatments can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Peace of Mind

The Bed Protector lets you sleep soundly with 100% peace of mind, knowing that you are protected against bed bugs. Bed bug prevention never felt so good! If you are considering diy bed bugs remedies or just wondering how to prevent bed bugs, look no further!

Who Uses the Bed Protector

Professionals and consumers use the Bed Protector

Stephen Holt

Pest Control Owner
Pest control company owners and managers offer Pest Assure’s Innovative bed bug protector to their customers as an effective bed bug control method.

Don Wright

Homeowners protect their homes against the risk of bed bug problems with the Bed Protector. They also rave about how simple it is to put on the bed bug covers.

Jay Watkins

Hotel Manager
Hospitality and guest relations managers use the Bed Bug Protector for bed bug prevention, to reduce bed bug control costs and to increase customer satisfaction.

Christina Kimmich

Business Traveler
Travelling from hotel to hotel on business increases the risk of accidentally bringing a bed bug problem home. Business travelers find the Bed Protector an easy and affordable bed bug prevention method to guard against this threat.

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Stop bed bugs before they can spread. Protect business.